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   Details of installation

   The service is conducted by NemoTECH engineers in customer's seat; the time of service
is estimated roughly 5 hours. The time and date of upgrade is adjusted according
to the customer's plant working hours and therefore does not interfere with the plant's work.

   The computer's units that are disassembled from the machine i.e. main-board, processor,
operating memory and hard disks remain customer's property. There is a full possibility
of restoring the machine's condition to the state before upgrade unless customer modifies
the mentioned above equipment, including hard disk.

   The service of deck computer's upgrade in minilab improves the machine efficacy
and simultaneously increases the comfort and effectiveness of the work.

Installed equipment is obtained of 36 months warranty!

 Parameters of new computer:
 - processor Intel i3 / i5
 - mainboard with Intel chipset
 - memory 4GB DDRIII dual channel
 - hard disk 500GB SATAIII
 - DVD-RW device
 - new Multi Card Reader (SDHC supported)
 - USB port 2.0

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