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   Upgrade of deck computer in Noritsu minilabs

QSS 3000, 3001, 3011, 3010
QSS 3201, 3202, 3203 
QSS 3201SD, 3202SD, 3203SD
QSS 3300, 3301, 3301SD ...
2901, 3101

   NemoTECH company of Poland provides upgrades of Japanese machines Noritsu
which are used in the photographic plants all over the world. Modification refers to the upgrade
of an internal computer in the machine. Within the service the internal computer
that manages printing preparations is replaced.

   Instead of the old unit a new deck computer with high computing speed is installed
and adopted. Additionally operating software is installed as well as all programs previously
existing on the machine such e.g. Main System Software QSS, Profile Data, Digital Ice,
Multi-Frame Print and others depending on the machine and purchased to it software.
During service all former set-ups and configurations are restored including working
parameters of the machine, LAN settings, labels, multimedia readers and optical drivers.
The general assumption is to restore the prior, original environment of the machine
before upgrades.

   Upgrade of deck computer in these machines enables increasing several times
the computing speed of minilab. Among our customers that made the upgrade
there is a significant increasing of speed observed: 400% while working with digital files
and 30% while working with negatives.

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